sovereign grace biblical counseling and discipleship

  • Do you feel held hostage by tragic events in your past?
  • Have you been relying on substances to bring hope or salve your conscience that has been pricked?
  • Have you allowed sexual sin that is characteristic of our age to become part of your life’s experience?
  • Has there been anxiety that you couldn’t find victory over?
  • Have you wondered if there’s a biblical paradigm for how to live the Christian life in spite of life’s obstacles of depression, sin (personal or that inflicted on you by others), or health obstacles?

While secular psychology can make true observations about the reality of man and his problems, only God’s Word reveals WHY man does what he does. Do you long for biblical change?

Grace Community Church is committed to Biblical soul care for all who attend our fellowship. To that end, we partner with Sovereign Grace Biblical Counseling and Discipleship to provide Biblical counseling to all who request it.

It is a privilege to walk folks through difficult and often complicated issues as we live in a fallen world (Gen 3). You will soon come to find out that biblical counseling is vastly different from other counseling/therapy methods and theories.

If you are in need of counseling please fill out the following form.

Filling out this form as thoroughly & specifically as possible will be a great help to me, as I seek to be a help to you (Prov 18:13). If married, you will each need to fill one out. If you are having problems with the online form please email Pastor Parker at for a copy.

*Please also download and fill out the following counseling agreement.

*On a case-by-case basis, there may be some Skype/FaceTime appointments available if distance is too far, though face-to-face communication is greatly preferred!

For those who are members of Grace Community Church of the Rogue Valley, we count it our personal privilege to offer counseling free of charge as part of our responsibility to care for our local fellowship.

To those outside of our fellowship, the fee schedule for counseling is as follows:

Fee Schedule Per Session:

Individuals: $100
Couples/families: $125

We accept cash, checks, or you can pay electronically using Venmo. [You can access Venmo on the Web or on your smart phone. You can download the app for your phone by visiting the App Store or Google Play]

*PLEASE do no let finances be a barrier against your pursuit of biblical counseling! God’s Word offers hope for salvation and growth in Christlikeness. Please contact us if you would like to discuss financial assistance.

Perhaps your church would help cover your counseling fees, as our purpose would be the same, “to present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.” (Col 1:28)

Maybe you share the conviction that the Scriptures are absolutely sufficient to address the issues of life, as they also remind the believer of his sufficient Savior (2 Pet 1:3-4). If so, would you consider supporting this vital ministry?

COVID-19 and GCC

Due to restrictions following from the COVID-19 health crisis, Grace Community Church of the Rogue Valley will not meeting in our usual location. Nevertheless, the Lord’s work continues! We’ll be livestreaming our worship service via YouTube and we’ll also be having our mid-week study via zoom (email us at